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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Alarm System: Do I need regular Maintenance on my Alarm and/or CCTV System?
In the same way that a vehicle requires regular servicing, so to does one’s Alarm and/or CCTV system. Secure Rite’s Faults & Servicing Division will carry out 2 Services on your system annually for a small fee. For brand new Installations, the First Year’s servicing is Free!

2. Alarm System: How long before you come to Install?
The Safety of each and every Client is important to us and we endeavour to Install as soon as possible after your Acceptance. Your Sales Executive will be able to tell you exactly what our current Turnaround Time is.

3. Armed Response: What is your average rapid response time?
We always ensure that we have enough Vehicles and Staff to attend to alarm activations rapidly as we know that it is minutes which count.

4. Quotations: Does your Quotation include VAT?
Our prices Quoted are Installed prices, meaning that Wiring and Labour has been included, as has VAT.

5. Quotations: How long is my Quotation valid for?
Your Quotation is valid for 30 Days from the date noted on the Quotation.

6. Secure Rite Signboards: Will I get any?
Absolutely yes! Two of our bright red Signboards are provided as standard with every business or domestic Installation, or with the Take-Over of an existing System. You may also request additional Signboards.  Chat to your friendly Sales Executive.

7. Secure Rite Signboards: What size are they?
Our Signboards are a standard size of 340cm x 500cm. We usually fix them to a wall using silicon and they can be placed wherever you feel would be most useful to you. We find them to be a fantastic deterrent!

8. Vehicles: How many do you have?
In our Industry, we refer to a Vehicle-to-Client ratio. Secure Rite Security has a Fleet of 18 Vehicles in the Helderberg.

9. Vehicles: Why don’t I see yours on the road?
Usually we are just pretty busy responding to alarm activations! Secure Rite does not make use of Marketing Vehicles as window dressing. Our vehicles and Armed Response Officers are hard at work, keeping our Community safe. However, to feel assured that we are indeed in your area, keep an eye open for our Vehicles poised for their next Despatch at various key Stand Off points throughout the Helderberg. You can’t miss us: We’re the Yellow and Red Ford Figos with the friendliest Drivers in the basin.

10. Vehicles: How regularly do you Patrol?
We do not Despatch our Vehicles from our base of Operation.  They are continually Patrolling all areas, responding to and assisting the Neighbourhood Watch with Calls when not busy responding to our Clients’ alarm activations.